Disposable Outcomes

from Protein for Everyone by Schnauser



a. Seizure Laters (1.44)
And so we reach the final song,
Don’t be afraid to sing along,
We hope we’ve brightened up your day,
Thank you for lending us your ears,
Why don’t you pour yourself a beer?
We’ve just got one more tune to play.
The needles in the final groove,
So please oblige, don’t disapprove,
If we now get carried away….

b. Giant Daddy vs. Big Haystacks (1.03)
Strawbridge / Gammon / Williams / McIntosh

c. What on Earth am I moaning About? (1.59)
Gammon / Strawbridge
What on Earth am I talking about?
Life is good and there’s no reason to feel bad now,
Take a look back and see,
Your hard work, will pay off,
Pack the suitcase, flip the bird to the boss,
Wait a few months, see improvements, then,
We can play our music and have fun.
But now, bide our time for a while,
So please excuse me, if I moan at all,
Over and above all else, things are looking up 2014.

d. Fractional Reserve Banking for Beginners (0.40)

e. The Bellucci Microfiche (1.38)
Strawbridge / Gammon / Williams

f. Everybody wants to ruin my World (1.08)
Gammon / Strawbridge / Williams

g. Ordinary Ways (2.42)
Gammon / Strawbridge

At No.3 in our street lives a man with no alibi,
He cleans his teeth, lets the whole world pass him by,

A celebration of the ordinary ways,
The mornings walk to work, and bin collection day,
Don’t forget tomatoes on your way back home dear…

And the seconds turn to hours, which stretch on into weeks,
No dancing like dogs, or scratching in heat,
We drink cheap red wine, and try to keep the house neat…

He stares out the window, forgets that anything’s possible
Waiting for papers to fall through the letterbox

h. Spleen Damage – a short story (2.54)
Strawbridge / Gammon

i. Eating Eric’s Pickles (1.15)

j. Providing future proofed,
customer focused marketing solutions for the retail sector (in 10/8) (1.45)
Gammon / Strawbridge / Williams


from Protein for Everyone, released September 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Schnauser Bristol, UK

Alan Strawbridge Vocals, Bass, Guitars

Duncan Gammon Vocals, GEM Jumbo Organ, Hohner Pianet, Korg MS-20 synthesizer

Dino Christodoulou
Tenor & Soprano Saxophones

Jasper Williams
Vocals, Drums & Percussion

Welcome to the world of Schnauser - a place where Canterbury prog, 60s psych and melodic pop gently collide.
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